Terms of Use

License and Use of Machine Embroidery Designs

You must have an embroidery machine in order to use these designs. These are digital files and not a finished product.  My designs may NOT be purchased and brought to someone else to put on a product. They are licensed ONLY to the purchaser of the designs. If you would like something stitched onto a product, please have the person doing the embroidery purchase the files.

My digitized embroidery designs, either purchased or free designs that are downloaded, MAY NOT be sold, traded, shared, given away.  This includes purchasing with the intent to copy and share with your family or friends.  You may not use ANY portion of our design or our exclusive artwork as a basis to create a new design and call it your own.  All the artwork that I use is licensed to me by the respective artist.  I reserve the right to immediately terminate repeat downloading abilities to any account holder who is known to be sharing designs.

You may not alter designs and call them your own or sell the altered designs. You may, of course, edit the designs for your own personal use.

By purchasing my designs, you are purchasing a license to use them.  Only the actual  purchaser of the designs holds this license. This license is NON transferable. You may not at any time, pass the files to anyone else for any reason without express written permission from Jayne Monsipapa Kinship Kreations LLC.  

  • Using Our Designs on Items For Sale

My designs MAY be stitched on items to be sold.

We encourage the use of our designs to be stitched on items you sell.  While you may stitch the designs on items to be sold, including iron-on applique patches, you may not claim to be the creator/designer of the designs themselves. Kindly credit Kinship Kreations LLC by stating “Embroidery designs purchased from Kinship Kreations LLC and kindly link to my website www.kinshipkreations.com.

  • Your Account

You may not share your login to my website with another individual. As a convenience to our customers, I have provided a venue for you to view all previous purchases and re-download your designs should you lose them or experience a computer crash. Please do not share your login or password with anyone. All downloads are tracked and monitored on a regular basis.

If we find designs being downloaded to multiple computers of one account holder, downloading abilities will be suspended.

  •  Use of Artwork

My designs are for machine embroidery purposes only. All designs, including the graphic images, used to create the designs are copyrighted. Graphics may not be used for purposes other than machine embroidery, etc. You may not use the artwork/image of one of my designs to create a manual applique design.  You may not use ANY portion of my design or my exclusive artwork as a basis to create a new design and call it your own.  

My artwork is licensed exclusively to Kinship Kreations LLC, and is for *machine embroidery purposes only*  Kinship Kreations LLC only buys from artists that will provide a license for their artwork to be used to create embroidery designs.  I am only flowing the same terms to my customers regarding use of their artwork.


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