Welcome to Kinship Kreations LLC Machine Embroidery Designs, established in 1999!

 Jayne Monsipapa, owner of Kinship Kreations LLC (provides machine embroidery designs, applique embroidery designs, and free machine embroidery designs) is so excited to launch their own machine embroidery designs site!  I started my first embroidery designs website in 1999, but after a couple of years and much change in technology, I decided to consign my machine embroidery designs to  (click on link to go directly to my designs) EmbroideryDesigns.com.  I am still going to sell my machine embroidery designs through this site as it would be an enormous task to migrate those machine embroidery designs into this site.

I am also doing this so I can get back in touch with my customers. The newer sewing machines are capable of larger sewing fields and I want to provide more of the larger sizes. A lot of the larger designs will not properly sewout in a 4×4 size, but I will offer them if the artwork is suitable for that size.

If something does not seem to work properly, or if the shopping cart does not work correctly please let me know right away so I can get it fixed.  Also, I am just an email or phone call away. I cannot help with any issues regarding your sewing machine, but I can provide any help, questions, suggestions regarding my designs. I would love to hear any suggestions regarding designs you are looking for or sizes.

All the designs are going to be in a “zipped” file so please check in my FAQ’s section if you are unfamiliar with WinZip. There are also instructions on how to save the files after purchase.

Upon successful completion of your payment a “download” button will be under product description.  You download your zipped file from there.   You can always log back into your account and download your designs anytime 24/7.   See FAQ if you need help.   Click on any picture to enlarge. 


My name is Jayne Monsipapa, and in 1993 I bought my first Pfaff computerized sewing/embroidery machine.   My grandchildren were very small, and since I did a lot of sewing I thought it would be so cool to have a sewing machine along with being able to embellish them with machine embroidery designs.  It did not take me long to figure out that I really no longer wanted to do a lot of sewing, I wanted to digitize, not sew out someone else’s machine embroidery designs! 

The machine embroidery designs at that time were on a little card that you inserted into the machine and were very expensive.  It took a few years of playing with the Pfaff software (I still worked full time at my other job) to realize I was going to need to upgrade my software package to create better quality machine embroidery sew out files.  Once I learned that software package I soon realized my machine embroidery designs were actually sewing out better than machine embroidery designs I had been buying from the preloaded cards.  Machine embroidery designs at that time were not instantly downloaded, an order form was sent to me with what the customer wanted to order and I shipped the disk back to the customer.  We have come a long way with how we can download and buy machine embroidery designs now, thank goodness!

In 2002 I had to make a decision to grow the actual machine embroidery side of the business. Up to that point I was strictly creating machine embroidery designs for the home embroidery designs market exclusively.  My husband and I went to an Embroidery show in Long Beach CA in January 2002, and I bought my first 12 thread, single head (SWF) embroidery machine.  My trusty Pfaff was going to be retired, at least the embroidery part of the machine.  There were a lot of other pieces of equipment that I purchased that year to change the direction of my business along with new embroidery software, which was top of the line.  The new equipment allowed me to not only continue digitizing machine embroidery designs for the home sewer, but now I could branch out and embroider hats, shirts and anything else that can be hooped.   My goal was to have all my equipment paid for by the time I retired so I would not have any large expenses to worry about.

In 2003 I decided to take down my personal website and consign my machine embroidery designs with http://embroidery.com/Kinship-Kreations.ec and in 2008 I started consigning designs with https://www.embroiderydesigns.com/StockDesigns/Kinship-Kreations.aspx.  I am going to remain with both of those sites.  I retired from corporate America I want to get back to maintaining my own website, and number 1 is to reconnect with my customers.   Please have patience as it will take me a lot of time to get my machine embroidery designs up and the site running smoothly.  At least now you have a way you can speak directly to me either via email or my phone.  If you have any questions regarding a machine embroidery design you would like to buy, amachine embroidery design you previously purchased from one of the other sites, a size or format issue please contact me.  I really want to hear from my customers.  

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