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I have just reduced my prices for all designs (including packs) to $1.00/each. With the Coronavirus outbreak many people are forced to either not work or work from home. At least if you are still able to embroider this will help a small amount.

Please check out my new facebook page and let me know what you think. Kinship Kreations LLC

Welcome to Kinship Kreations LLC Machine Embroidery Designs, established in 1999!

Jayne Monsipapa, owner of Kinship Kreations LLC (provides machine embroidery designs, applique embroidery designs, and free machine embroidery designs) is so excited to launch their own machine embroidery designs site!  I started my first embroidery designs website in 1999, but after a couple of years and much change in technology, I decided to consign my machine embroidery designs to (click on link to go directly to my designs) Embroidery.Com and (click on link to go directly to my designs) EmbroideryDesigns.com. I am still going to sell my machine embroidery designs through those sites as it would be an enormous task to migrate those machine embroidery designs into this site.

Going forward I am going to use this site for all my new machine embroidery designs.  I am also doing this so I can get back in touch with my customers. The newer sewing machines are capable of larger sewing fields and I want to provide more of the larger sizes. A lot of the larger designs will not properly sewout in a 4×4 size, but I will offer them if the artwork is suitable for that size.

If something does not seem to work properly, or if the shopping cart does not work correctly please let me know right away so I can get it fixed.  Also, I am just an email or phone call away. I cannot help with any issues regarding your sewing machine, but I can provide any help, questions, suggestions regarding my designs. I would love to hear any suggestions regarding designs you are looking for or sizes.

All the designs are going to be in a “zipped” file so please check in my FAQ’s section if you are unfamiliar with WinZip. There are also instructions on how to save the files after purchase.

Upon successful completion of your payment a “download” button will be under product description.  You download your zipped file from there.   You can always log back into your account and download your designs anytime 24/7.   See FAQ if you need help.   Click on any picture to enlarge.