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My name is Jayne Monsipapa and I live in Mesa Arizona.  Kinship Kreations LLC Machine Embroidery Designs was started in 1999.  My goal is to create the best quality machine embroidery designs, machine embroidery appliqué designs, and free machine embroidery designs for the home embroider.  These will be provided in 10 popular machine embroidery formats.  I have used many machine embroidery digitizing software programs over the years, and in 2008 I made a decision to trade in my Pulse Maestro machine embroidery digitizing program for Wilcom Embroidery Studio 4. I believe that Wilcom ES4 provides my customers with the best quality machine embroidery sewout you can get for a machine embroidery design.  I have been consigning my machine embroidery designs since 2002, and decided since I am now retired I want to get back to dealing directly with my customers. I want my customers to be able to email or call me if there are any questions regarding my embroidery designs or sew outs.   

I will still be selling on Embroidery.com (click the link) http://embroidery.com/Kinship-Kreations.ec and EmbroideryDesigns (click the link) https://www.embroiderydesigns.com/StockDesigns/Kinship-Kreations.aspx.  I will continue to sell machine embroidery designs at both of those sites along with mine as it would take too long to migrate all the designs to this site.  

If you have any questions regarding an embroidery design you would like to buy, an embroidery design you previously purchased from one of the other sites, a size or format issue please contact me.  I really want to hear from my customers.  

If you would like to read more about us see About Us History. 

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